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Stutterings of the Sub-Genius

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This is a moderated community, much like those ridiculous rating communities; only we're not here to tell how unmetal you are, or how friggin' ugly you are, or how un-fuckin-cultured you may be either. We are here for the sole purpose of making our members laugh with the aid of comedy that is substantially base and low... hence the name. Now, seeing as how the only people we know for a fact are funny are those we actually know personally, there are rules for you to follow as newcomers to the community. These awesome adherences will be listed below in order. I just want to make it clear that, if reading this so far, you feel you might fit the bill, consider this: did you find 'Lost in Translation', 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', or any Wes Anderson movie (other than 'Rushmore') even remotely funny? If you did, you can bloody well fuck off thanks very much.


1. New posters must go through a series of trials to become full-fledged members:
-First you will have to apply for membership and then be accepted by either myself or one of the other two moderators.
-Second, your first post will be highly scrutinized and essentially held as a template for whether we feel you are as hilarious as we are. After review by the staff and fellow members already done with their trials, you will either receive the Guttenberg Award of approval, or the Richard Moll Stamp of Disdain (in which case you will be banned from further posting, but hey, no hard feelings).

[Awards As Shown Below]

-Third, while awaiting community approval, you will NOT be allowed to post. During this period you will be in the same purgatory that currently houses folks like Richard Lewis, Jaleel White, and Delta Burke.

2. Posts within the community may center around virtually any topic... except your shitty job, how much you hate life (unless your whining is in some way laughable); pretty much any angst-ridden arbitrary posting does not belong in this community.

3. Please do not take the task of writing about politics upon yourself here, either, as I'm sure not all of us will agree with your stupid political beliefs and may take offense if you refer to George W. Bush as the douchebag that he really is.

4. Under NO circumstance post banners or links to other communities, though due to hypocritical double standards you may feel absolutely free to advertise this community anywhere you like.

5. ALWAYS use the LiveJournal spell check function when making a post, as nothing infuriates us more than people who think they're funny that have horrible grammar and spelling. I mean, it is funny to a degree, but only because it makes you look like a dumbass.

6. DO NOT bitch about my or the other moderators fascist tendencies (like randomly adding new rules to the community without mentioning it to it's members). We will only make it worse if we know we're doing something that bothers you, because we're that mature.

7. If you are a member, we would appreciate it if you post regularly... this isn't some shitty myspace.com group for you to have only to liven up your profile. If you don't post, then you will be chastised following which banishment will occur. If this happens you will be expected to ride a horse naked and backwards with a spaghetti pot over your head to whatever shithole your poor horse will take you before it stops for water. Of course, we can't make you do that, we just sort of expect it.

8. Oh yeah, have fun you ass-heads.




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